Forum Title: How do roofing companies handle major weather upsets?
I am up north and really don't see anything near as bad as what Texas and Florida got hit with. I know it is hard on the home owners, but how to roofing companies fair in all this?Like what if your office/warehouse got hit? What if your company trucks were damages? What happens when you can get product shipped to you to do you work?
Category: Roofing Post By: NORMA ORTIZ (Iowa City, IA), 01/30/2018

When I was working on Florida about 6 years ago, I never experienced anything too bad in terms of hurricanes but we were always prepared. The company I worked for had emergency stock on hand at all times. We also had a lot of back up generators so if people lost power we could still work.

- JULIO MCKINNEY (Pico Rivera, CA), 03/04/2018

Insurance helps, I can tell you that!As for customers, it depends on the damage and where it has been done. I never experienced it first hand.

- KENT HARMON (Ames, IA), 04/01/2018

The same way people do. If the storm is hitting them directly, they close shop and board everything up. If they are not in a direct path of said storm, then a lot of companies will offer their help to people who are by boarding up windows on homes and commercial buildings.

- JAMIE LYONS (Mobile, AL), 05/19/2018

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