Forum Title: I am considered leaving the roofing biz
I am older, but not too old to start a new career. Someone offered me the chance at being a co-owner of a new restaurant and I may take him up on it. It will be less labor intensive and in the long run, I will earn more. I am not sure if I would miss roofing or not.
Category: Roofing Post By: EILEEN BYRD (Jersey City, NJ), 01/27/2018

Some men leave it and never turn back and are glad they did. I see nothing wrong with being something else after spending years doing the same thing. It keeps life interesting. I was a Veterinarian Assistant for awhile before I met my husband now I am his office assistant.

- Mia Jackson (Cincinnati, OH), 03/08/2018

I say shoot for the stars. We all have this life and we need to make the most of our time here so if you want to leave, go for it. I am sure you invested many years of your life to roofing. No need to keep it going for others. Owning a restaurant sounds fun!

- FREDDIE REESE (Citrus Heights, CA), 03/21/2018

I‚ve been roofing for what seems like forever. At this point I‚m just going through the motions until I retire. A career change might be a wise thing for you at this point. You can also look at it as an investment in your future.

- COREY BARRETT (Bloomington, IN), 05/09/2018

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