Forum Title: What gets you the maddest about this work?
Contrary to what I'may have shown in print in years past, I'm a pretty level headed guy, Don't get too visibly angry about anything, on or off the roof, at work or at home. But every once in a blue moon? and It's usually got more to do with a customer than anything else. For me, It's that customer that wants to negotiate the price AFTER the job is done. I respect negotiation up until the handshake, appreciate honesty and the value of a dollar along side the value of a man?s word, and frequently send a little note ?The job went real well for us, and the final bill is a little less than we agreed upon. Thank you for trusting HRI for this important I'vestment.? But try to beat down the price of what we agree upon after the job is done and imply that we aren?t worth what we agreed on? Oh baby?.. that brings out a side of me that few ever see. What gets your blood boiling?
Category: Roofing Post By: BONNIE SANDERS (Hempstead, NY), 02/15/2018

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